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Glow Art & 3D Event Art

Flowers of Life are specialists in Glow in the air, holographic style art pieces. Especially three dimensional art!


From small clubs and private events, up to huge open air festivals and events of all sorts.

Video Art Projections & Hologram Tech

Flowers of Life have the possiblity to create live visuals in to the air, practically creating holographic video installations. We have 2 different methods of holographic projections, with fabrics and Peppers ghost technique. Our Holograms are versatile and they can be used perfectly outdoors and indoors. 


We can also create visuals for walls, projection surfaces, stages, etc. 

We  have everything needed for a video show, including projectors.

Shade / Roof fabrics & Cables

Flowers of Life has produced multiple big shade/roof designs and metal wirings in the past. Biggest being 30m diameter. 


The design is usually UV active and can be lit up with only uv led lighting or with RGB and uv colors for best visual effects.


Cabling structures for the roof can be planned and installed by our crew.

Uv & RGB LED Lights & Programming

Flowers of Life have one of the biggest arsenals of UV (ultraviolet) led lights in the world. This is enough for any location, however big, indoors or outdoors. These are used static or alive with programming, for lighting up the Glow art pieces. The shining is ultra bright for best visual impact!


We have also RGB led lights for outdoor and indoor color lights, best used as tree color lighting together with Glow art pieces. 


Our team has professional light jockey to program the lights for events or for live shows.

Fabric Tech & Event location transformations

We have enough black fabrics to transform any location from white/ grey or multicolor, into full blackout. Including the ceiling! This gives a space where to create Flowers of Life visual magics with full contrast. 


After blackout, we can decorate the place from the door to the last corner. 


In the end, the visitor will not know what happened to the old location!

Installation Tech & Crew

Flowers of Life have more than 15 years experience in installing art, lights, fabrics. This gives a very good overall understanding of different situations and how to solve all problems that arise in the process.


Our team will take care of the installation, make sure that everything goes smoothly during the event and ofcourse packs everything after the event. 

3D modeling

Flowers of Life can produce 3d models of upcoming installations and decorations. This gives very good possibilities regarding custom projects & custom art pieces or installations. This also ensures that all new art pieces are as good as they can be... 


We can make a 3d model of your location and create a video from the location with the installation for you to see!

Light Art Consultation/Teaching

Our Artist Veikko Lappalainen who has almost 20 years experience in Arts, Light art, lighting, etc, can teach how to paint these "Paint in the air" art pieces.


Also possibilities for teaching other Light art related things is a possibility.

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