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This was the year when the story of Flowers of Life started. Veikko Lappalainen started painting backdrops with blacklight active paints also known as uv paints.


Veikko was inspired by the sacred geometry and the main pattern called Flower of Life, and started creating decor with that artist name.


The first big mandala was born that year.  6m wide, 6 long








During the year 2003 Veikko started creating with string arts, a way of art where one uses thin fluorescent threads/ropes to form bigger patterns. 




Lots of painting and testing with arts, going into more complex structures




Veikko got an interesting opportunity to create a custom "iglu" themed decor set with the "mystery girl". The decor included three dimensional crystals, animals, and lots of snow flakes.


After that Veikko started testing new techniques with Antti Vestola and during the year they got a new breakthrough...


They found a way to practically "paint into the air" and thought it was such a great way to create decor that they wanted to start a company based on that new idea. They needed a third partner so they made a trap to Nicolas Vollar; A big three dimensional deco made with the new style was put up in the living room. Then Nicolas was invited to a visit. He was amazed by the style and the deco and wanted to join then. 


Together they started a company called Elämän Kukat oy / Flowers of Life ltd.  


After this the decor style went into a "holographic" style, paint in the air way. The style has been unique from the start.




They wanted to make a proper impression with the new style so they made an indoor party to show the new style. They decorated the whole location. There was the first three dimensional paintings for the first time ever. In the picture to the right, is a painting, 6m wide, 2.8m high and 50cm deep. 


Boom festival 2006 gave the group a very good start and possibility to show the arts. Flowers of Life got very good feedback from the public and so they started their way into more international decor group.



2007 - 2023


Between years 2007 and 2023 his talented -team has visited 24 countries and done more than 100 large scale projects; festivals, art projects, nightclubs and company events.

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