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What are Flowers of Life decor 


Flowers of Life specialise in "holographic" decor, an unique way of creating 3d decor floating in the air. 


The technique has been used by Flowers of Life from 2005 and now they are the masters of this art. ​


We have started to create holographic outdoor projections. We have some super quality projection screens that offer a possibility to see the video from both sides with very bright and good picture.



Where are the decor used?


Flowers of Life provide decor for many kinds of events;


-Clubs & Bars

-Small indoor events

-Halls, big indoor events            

-All kinds of Festivals outdoor

-Art & Culture projects indoor and outdoor





How are the decor installed?


Decor are very lightweight and go into very small space.


The decor can be transported by airplane easily to anywhere on the planet.


The decor need structures where they are installed with ropes.


Flowers of Life do the whole process of installing and taking down the decor with their riggers. 



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