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Flowers of Life 15 Years (2005-2020)

Flowers of Life is a Finnish company specialized in UV light art whose three-dimensional visual elements have delighted audiences at numerous music and art events.


Founded in 2005, the collective has visited 24 countries all around the world, including FILUX Mexico 2018 / 2019. Within Finland the collective is known especially for its contribution to the Konemetsä Open-Air Forest Festival, the MetsäFestival and the Carnival of Lights at Linnanmäki Amusement Park.


LUX Helsinki 2017 was huge success among press and the audience.


Jyväskylä City of Light 2019 was the collective’s biggest art installation to date.


Flowers of Life art is a way to bring the magical and abstract world visible for people to see and enjoy. The geometry behind almost all the works are inspired by a shape called “Flower of Life”. It is a basis for sacred geometry.


The shapes used are either pure geometry or geometry combined with natural elements such as fire, water and plant kingdom. These are used to create three dimensional shapes. The shapes then glow in the dark to give an inspired feeling of “wow!”


Flowers of Life art is something that can be enjoyed from children to elders.



Eat Static (UK), Texas Faggott, Koneveljet 26.1.2018 Flowers of Life Arena, Helsinki

LUX Helsinki 2017

Flowers of Life 10 years Anniversary: FIASCO 26.2.2016

Circus, Helsinki, Finland


Event produced by: Flowers of Life & Decotukos


We had a full stage sized hologram in front of the DJ and the hall was full decorated. That was epic night!

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